This Is Who We Are, Longwave Music Volume 1 (CD + Digital Download)


This Is Who We Are, Longwave Music Volume 1 (CD + Digital Download)




Longwave Music founded in 2018 has put together this collection of songs
from emerging artists, composers and bands in the Greater Cork Area
collated between 2018-20. This is just a small collection of the music
in the region. Without being too parochial about things, we decided to
confine our search to a geographical area this time.

Longwave Music strives to support and encourage the very best upcoming
Irish artists through our range of services so the artists can continue
to create and get their fair share for what they produce.

It has been a privilege meeting and collaborating with this community of
artists and musicians, who continue to ply their trade for the love of
what they do. This album is the first of its kind in showcasing such a
wide variety the very best up and coming Irish artists of diverse genres
and styles varying between rock, electro, dance, folk and AOR.

We are proud to present This Is Who We Are: Longwave Music Volume 1

To all those making original music today, inspirations from the past and
the promise of more to come.


The Longwave Team



1. Quicksand – The Burma

2. Beach House – Bordeaux

3. Darklight to Starlight- Fiery Red

4. Towards a Camelot Within / Aching Heart- Wisherkings

5. Good Morning – Sam Clague

6. Harvest Home – David O Donovan

7. Ain’t Love Forever – Bland Orlando

8. Young Naïve Me – Eve Clague

9. Take My Hand – Clare O Riordan

10. Is It Me – Moody Roots

11. And When I Awoke – Wisherkings

12. Rabbit Hole – Bordeaux

13. Lavender Hill – Low Mountain

14. On Your Way – Sam Clague

15. Time Away – David O Donovan

16. I’m Home – Bland Orlando

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