Sam Clague

Sam Clague is a unique kind of artist. Armed with the imagination of a Salvador Dalí and the musicality of a Jeff Buckley. He blends delicate finger-pickings with sultry jazz tones to create his very own brand of Kaleidoscopic Chamber Music. – exploring themes like friendship, death and love with a reanimated outlook.

His debut EP “Balloons” marks the culmination of a childhood well spent and the verity of being reluctantly pulled into the cruelties of adulthood.

Good Morning is the single from Sam Clague’s EP of the same name.  Carl Corcoran, former Presenter of The Blue of the Night had this to say: “Sam’s writing is unique. He writes from the heart and creates his own world – his own sound world and lyric world. As well as that his musicianship is beyond reproach – capable of capturing many genres with multi-instrumental abilities.” 

~ Video: Ambiguous Fiddle 

“Clonakilty musician Sam Clague released his debut EP Balloons in 2015 and recently followed it up with the Good Morning EP. It’s a really delightful listen – Sam’s an amazing guitarist and I think I could listen to him play for hours on end” – The Point Of Everything

~ Video: Ambiguous Fiddle

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